Hangover Cures

Hangover Cures

Summer is here, finally!!  What’s the best way to start off the summer?  Well, Pride Toronto is the best way, it’s a whole month long and there is always something great to do!  But, a whole month of eating out, drinking and staying up later then usual can put an added stress on the body.  Hangovers (food and alcohol), tired eyes and no energy can really dampen your fun.  No fear, there are ways to fix this and keep you going all month long.  Acupuncture has had over 2000 years to perfect their treatments for hangovers.  PiJiu (Beer) China’s 683 Billion Yuan Beer market and BaiJiu (rice wine, think Moonshine) is the most widely drunk hard liquor in the world, and 1/3 of global spirit sales.  An estimate of 5.5 Billion liters of BaiJiu was sold last year (https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.cnn.com/travel/amp/how-to-drink-baijiu-china/index.html).  Tried and true, the Chinese can drink!  They also know how to recover.

Here are a couple of powerful point you can do on your own (for now).  To get a truly amazing boost of energy and feeling of rejuvenation your best bet is to find me, a Registered Acupuncturist or someone similar.  We know what we are doing, and we know what feeling good feels like.

6 Acupressure Points for Your Hangovers:

Third Eye Point– This point is located just between the two eyebrows where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead. Applying pressure on this region helps in improving concentration, reliving eye strain, headaches,  and ulcer pains. Apply pressure for 1 minute or more depending on the severaty.

 Bright Light– This point is situated in the inner corner of the eyes just below the eyebrows. Applying pressure at these points works excellent in relieving sinus headaches and allergy symptoms. In addition, it also helps in improving vision. Apply pressure for 1 minute or more on both sides.

Temple Region:

In the temple region there are a chain of points that curl around the ear starting from the top of the ear and are situated just one finger width from the ear. All these points have to be worked simultaneously for effective results. Here we have numbered the pints as 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 so that the points can be located with ease. Point 1 is located near the tip of the ear and the rest of the points curl around the ear.

  • Hairline Curve (1)
  • Valley Lead (2)
  • Celestial Hub (3)
  • Floating White (4)
  • Head Portal Yin (5)

Applying pressure on these points helps in relieving temporal headaches on the sides of the head and migraines.

Welcome Fragrance-This points are located both sides of the nostril. Applying pressure on these points helps in opening sinuses and reducing tension headaches.

Wind Pool– This point is located at the back of the head, halfway between your ear and spine; between the two muscles that come together. Applying pressure at Wind Pool helps in unblocking nasal congestion, relieving  pain in eyes, ears, throat, headaches and migraines.

Shoulder Well– This point is located at the edge of the Shoulder halfway between the point of your shoulder and the base of your neck. Applying pressure on this point helps in reducing stiffness of neck and shoulders and relieving neck pain. It also helps in relieving other ailments like asthma and spasms.

Heaven’s Pillar– This point is located 2 fingers below the base of the skull on the rope like muscles present on both sides of the spine. Applying pressure on this point helps in relieving aches at the back of the head, neck pains, eyestrain, stress, insomnia and stiff neck.

Union Valley– This point is located in the web between you thumb and index finger. Applying pressure on this point helps in relieving back pain, frontal headaches, tooth ache and releasing tension from neck and head.

Moving Between– This point is located in the valley between the big and the second toe. Applying pressure on this point helps in relieving headaches, tiredness of eye, arthritis and foot cramps.


  A simple acupuncture treatment with just a few needles can often dramatically improve the symptoms of a hangover and help you to oxygenate the blood and detoxify your liver.

Side note, you’ll be able to nap on the table, we call it an AcuNap

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