Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Price:TBD

Traditional Chinese remedies have more than withstood the test of time —  TCM encompasses many different practices, including Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Chinese Herbal Medicine, TuiNa, Food Cures, Tai Chi and Qi Gong (specific movements or postures incorporating breathing, mental focus and balance).

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Athletes $75

Sport specific style of treatment.  Geared towards your specific injury- knee pain, frozen shoulder, hamstring pull, lower back injury.  Big day on the Hill?  General muscle fatigue, we can fix that too!

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Acupuncture $75

Acupuncture is a family of procedures involving the stimulation of specific points on the body, sometimes know as trigger points, or ‘knots’. The Acupuncture technique that has been most often studied scientifically involves penetrating the skin with thin, solid, metal needles that are manipulated by the hands or by electrical stimulation.

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Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture $90

Looking for a more natural, long term answer to softening lines on the face?  With Acupuncture we can influence the signs of aging on the face while simultaneously treating the underlying factors that contribute to the aging process.

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Scalp Acupuncture $75

Your brain is who you are, it’s your humanity.  Just as no two people are alike, no two brains are alike.  Every body is different and should be treated like that.  Do you or someone you know have, or have had a brain injury?  Or living with Parkinson’s Disease, MS, Tremors, Vertigo, Migraines, Paralysis, etc?  Scalp Acupuncture might be the answer you are looking for.

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Crossfit Athletes $75-150

Crossfit Athlete?? Or just a weekend Warrior?? Either way we are here for you. Acupuncture, Cupping and Scraping to help release those tight, sore muscles.

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Scraping (Gua Sha) $75

Gua sha involves repeated pressured strokes over lubricated skin with a smooth edged tool. Skin is typically lubricated with massage oil and is scrapped traditionally with a Chinese soup spoon, a well worn coin, or even animal bones, water buffalo horn, or jade. A simple metal cap with a rounded edge is commonly used today.  Gua Sha releases unhealthy elements from injured areas and stimulates blood flow and healing.

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Chinese Massage (TuiNa) $80-95

Chinese Message know as Tui Na is a hands-on body treatment that uses Traditional Chinese Medicine principles in an effort to bring the body into balance without the use of acupuncture needles, or very few needles. In a standard Tui Na treatment you may be brushed, kneaded, rolled, and rubbed in the areas between each of the joints, known as the eight gates, in an attempt to open the body’s defensive qi (Wei Qi/Immunity) and get the energy moving in the meridians and the muscles. The techniques may be gentle or quite firm depending on the state of the body.

The name Tui Na comes from two of the actions: ‘Tui’ means “to push” and ‘Na’ means “to lift and squeeze.” Other modalities may also be incorporated like, cupping or scraping.  We may then use range of motion, traction, and stimulation of acupressure points to complete the treatment and balance the body.

This may be the perfect treatment option for you if the thought of acupuncture makes you squeemy

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Cupping  (Ba Gua) $75

Broadly speaking there are many types of cupping: dry  or wet cupping. Wet cupping for some people can provide a more “curative-treatment approach” to patient management whereas dry cupping appeals more to those who want a “therapeutic and relaxing approach”. Preference varies with your practitioners and within your cultures.

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Moxa $75

Moxibustion, or moxa, is named after the Japanese word mokusa, meaning “burning herb.” It was first recorded in medical texts during the Song Dynasty (a.d. 960), but it has most likely been in use much longer. It is an important therapy in Traditional Chinese medicine; the ancient texts advise that moxa should be tried if acupuncture and herbs have failed. The heat from moxa can be very penetrating, making it effective for impaired circulation, cold and damp conditions, and yang deficiency (always cold). When applied to acupuncture points, the body absorbs the heat into its deepest levels, restoring the body’s yang qi, the source of all heat and energy in the body.

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Fertility $75-150

Most men and women who have reproductive issues are usually advised to look into alternatives, like Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.  For women have failed one or more attempts of IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization), something else needs to be done to help in the success of their treatment.  Acupuncture allows your body, both male and female, to shift from infertile to fertile.  Our goal from a Chinese Medicine perspective for the women is to get you pregnant, stay pregnant and to have a healthy baby.  For the men we make sure sperm quality is high, and strong.  Acupuncture, when used in conjunction with Western fertility treatments increases conception rates by 26%.

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Looking to change your diet? For health or weight loss TCM can assist you

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