Ceragem Massage Bed

Ceragem Massage Bed Principles

The Following are alternative medicine principles used in CERAGEM:

Spinal Alignment is one of the advanced alternative medicine principles widely practiced in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & the United Kingdom.  A correctly aligned spine stimulates the system and allows the body to return to its natural rhythms.

Massage is one of the oldest forms of therapy know to relieve pain, relax the muscles and stimulate the body. As we age, the natural curvature of the spine may become misaligned due to stress and bad posture. Massaging your spine regularly may help your back stay strong and durable.

Moxibustion effect is a method utilizing heat derived from a mixture of herbs to stimulate pressure points, which promote the body’s ability to heal itself, increase blood circulation and proved relaxation.

Jade is a stone that transmits a level of Radiant Far-Infrared Heat that is beneficial to the human body when heated. The Internal and External projectors of Ceragem are comprised of jade to optimize the effectiveness of Radiant Far-Infrared Heat.

CERAGEM Automated Thermal Massagers will tune up your fundamental body systems (spine, muscles, and circulatory systems) The Ceragem Massage Bed comes from a background of alternative medicine in order to maximize the effectiveness of the human immune system. It has also been designed to satisfy the needs of people of all ages (auto-fitting feature, adjustable massage intensity and a variety of massage programs)